• About Rikki

    Rikki's life philosophy is that life is for living not simply existing; she has spent nearly 15 years studying, researching, trialing and testing methods from Personal and Professional Development gurus including Tony Robbins, Bob Procter, Louise Hay, Marie Forleo, Jim Rohn, Dr John Martini, Stephen R. Covey, Grace Lever, Daria Zest and many more.


    As a mother herself she found a passion and drive to help woman like her to overcome life's invisible but very real limiting barriers; and conducted surveys to gain a deep insight to ensure she developed and tested practical tools which would give other mums real results!


    3 in 5 people are suffering Anxiety or some form of depression; most medicated to manage there day-to-day life; including children. This is now her passion to assist mothers so in turn we can create a domino effect of our children; providing them with the tools to cope.


    Rikki holds qualifications in Psychotherapy, Counselling, Cert IV in Training, Education and Assessment. She is a single mother with 2 children and has over 10 years experience in interpersonal development and corporate work environments having mentored many individuals to achieve positive lifestyle changes. She has overcome personal challenges including 2 nervous breakdowns which has provided her with not only the unique life experience to assist others as well as the educational background to support her skills and abilities.


    She was recognised as a VIP and honoured for excellence in coaching and mentoring by Worldwide Branding Who's Who.




    She is also an accomplished children's book author, publishing 'The Magic of Dreams' in 2017 which gained positive reviews and resulted in her reading to various schools in Adelaide for Bookweek.






  • Are you the Passenger or the Pilot in your life?




    This 90 minute Online Masterclass guides you on how to embrace the Powerhouse Mummy Mindset and avoid the traps, mistakes and roadblocks many fall into; Rikki is known for her professional, fun and no BS approach. She provide REAL tools and systems.


  • Mummy Workshops

    As an experienced facilitator, Rikki loves the in person interaction of being in the room and coaching people to achieve real results and overcoming barriers right there and then. She also is an advocate for 'fun' and 'doing' in her workshops.


    If you’re a person that requires an intensive experience in person to gain results, Workshops may be the perfect next step for you.


    In the Mummy Workshops, Rikki pulls back the curtains and reveals her systems and tools without paying a cent, with no BS or hype; really tools and making sure her participants walk away with results by the end of the workshop..


    Click below to join Rikki in the Mummy Workshops …

  • The Pilot Project

    If you can create more time your can create more control !


    The Pilot Project is an online program with access to Rikki over 8 weeks. Rikki created this so she can provide her tools to woman across the world who have made the decision to take back their lives!


    Inside the Pilot Project, you’ll discover 8 powerful, practical and actionable modules of training covering every step Rikki takes and her community take to become the Pilots in their lives. You’ll also access Rikki live every week in Office Hours to have your burning questions answered.


    Most importantly, you’ll be sharing the journey with thousands of other mothers through our Powerhouse members-only Facebook Group and face-to-face Accountability Catch-ups to ensure you stay on track and build the lifestyle you originally set out to create!


    • Define and unveil your vision, your unconscious blocks and your “ideal" lifestyle choice, without having to completely FLIP your life into chaos;
    • Discover the three stages in the evolution of achieving real lifestyle choice and control and learn the steps you need to take to master your stage;
    • Learn the Power of Language and discover how simple changes can change your focus on the right things in the right order;
    • Access the 180 Degrees Toolkit to learn and implement the same tools we have used to help other woman overcome overwhelm


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