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  • Are you Stressed, constantly Anxious, Living in Chaos and Feeling Lost ?

    Learn the Secrets to overcome all this and more...

    180 Degrees conducted surveys and research of mothers to identify the key objectives in the development of their professional and personal workshops and programs. The survey results showed clear and consistent patterns.


    Busy mothers from a variety of sources were all asked the same question


    “What are your top 5 main struggles you as a mum deal with in everyday life?”


    After accumulating and analysing the results a clear pattern emmerged of the most frequent categories that mothers felt they struggled with:

    time - kids - work - sleep


    and the key word that accompanied them was:




    This data was then used to trial and test a variety of workshops, personal coaching programs and resources to assist busy mothers in line with the 180 Degrees mission


    "to provide practical strategies, tools and support for mothers suffering stress, anxiety and mental health related conditions in a crazy modern world".


    So if you:

    • Are you mentally and physically tired of the hassle and bussell of life?
    • Feeling unattractive and lost yourself?
    • Are you sick of working long hours, doing work above your pay grade and waiting for that promotion that never seems to come?
    • Need enough money to pay for everything?
    • Feeling like your life is a excerpt from the movie "Groundhog day"

    Well your in the right place.

    We focus on providing a service which offers workshops, personalised coaching and support which provide practical steps which can be implemented straight away to:

    √ Reclaim time for self care practices.

    √ Reclaim yourself; the real you! the you that got lost somewhere along the way, the sensual women. It's time to re-discover yourself.

    √ Reclaim your life and finances so it is running on autopilot and not impacting on your relationships.

    √ Reclaim your own health and wellbeing by living an authentic life and making decisions intuitively with confidence.



    What will I learn

  • 1

    Secret #1

    Learn the 5 Secrets to overcome the stress, the anxiety, the chaos!


    Secret #2

    Learn how to find you again and discover what you truly want so your not living like its 'groundhog day'


    Secret #3

    Learn how you are self sabotaging yourself everyday and don't even realise it.


    Secret #4

    You will learn why your body is fighting you at every turn and how to switch it around to the exact opposite and its simpler then you think.


    Secret #5

    Gain access and learn how to use simple systems that will put you back in the Pilot's seat

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