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  • The 90 Day Reboot

    Learn the #5 Secrets to reduce stress and anxiety, take control of your time and find yourself again!

  • What are clients are saying

    Live a Life of Choice Not Chance

    Bridget Johnson

    Glenelg - Small Business Conference

    You are my Oprah

    Tennille Kerry

    The 5 Secrets to Empower yourself as a Woman

    This session was ever so empowering, its helped me find me and my path. The teacher was uplifting an amazing. I have learned I am Enough! I have gained useable strategies to gain my success.


    Briony Burford

    The 5 Secrets to Empower yourself as a Woman

    If I was to describe this session in one word it would be ‘Empowering’! I learnt useable strategies for goal setting, gratitude, happiness setting and BALANCE!


    Debbie Walsh

    The 5 Secrets to Empower yourself as a Woman

    This workshop really makes you think and want to make some changes to help you. I have the strategies to plan things and think positive.



    Cass Wills

    The 5 Secrets to Empower yourself as a Woman

    This workshop was empowering and uplifting and will make you consider your thoughts! Loved the take home information.



    Jessica Townsend

    The 5 Secrets to Empower yourself as a Woman

    So motivational, inspiring, has a plethora of ideas for all situations. Time management ideas are good. I am armed with strategies for planning, schedules and identifying problems.


    Pauline Blackmore

    56 Days to Fabulous Program

    OMG this woman is amazing. I have been struggling for years with anxiety, low self esteem amongst other things that have hindered me from succeeding. In the past few weeks she has helped me see things with more clarity, helped me set realistic goals and helped me feel good about myself again. She has provided so much support and encouragement and I can finally see a positive future. Highly recommended for anyone wanted to break down those barriers. Love your work Rikki you are an inspiration to so many of us.



    Small Business Owner

    You Have Effectively Changed my life



    Small Business Owner

    You were a complete stranger only a few days ago and now I sit here thinking my god this lady has shown me that I can do it. Im ready to break down these walls and power forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you I appreciate you and every word you said.


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